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The Tech In Us All

As a kid I dreamed of a science fiction future bright and shiny and now… well, I guess we are living it. Looking at some of the things we take for granted now – it would have blown my mind as a child. Now… it’s, dare I say it, almost mundane. We can watch TV […]

We All Need a Sanctuary

I wanted to talk about this subject today because it’s something that is close to my heart, and a number of you out there have been and are affected by it. But first, I hope you’ll come with me on a little bit of a journey through our District of Wonders. Have you ever wondered […]

When we were young

Hello Ok, so I’m going to get this off my chest. I’m going to spill the beans on my childhood. Give you a little glimpse into how I grew up and what I got up to. The first thing you need to know… books and me don’t go that far back. I was twenty before […]

StarShipSofa says Hello and THANK YOU

Hello, This is Tony from StarShipSofa and the District of Wonders Network. Have you forgotten me? I hope not. Listen… I want to say two things. The first one is a huge thank you. Somewhere in the past you gave me a donation to keep StarShipSofa running. That show and Tales To Terrify and Far […]

Naked for Christmas

District of Wonders Hello, Yes… I bet that got you wondering. But we are going naked – that bit is true. We are now naked with our newsletters. What did you think I meant? No more images going forward 2016 with the newsletters. I want to concentrate on content and not just a flowery magazine […]