StarShipSofa says Hello and THANK YOU

December 28, 2015 by Tony C. Smith
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This is Tony from StarShipSofa and the District of Wonders Network. Have you forgotten me? I hope not. Listen… I want to say two things. The first one is a huge thank you. Somewhere in the past you gave me a donation to keep StarShipSofa running. That show and Tales To Terrify and Far Fetched Fables would not be here today if it weren’t for you. Period. No question about it. The wheel falls off at least four times a year as I try my best to keep the shows going. From the bottom of my heart… I can not thank you enough. But I’ll try – THANK YOU!

In 2016 StarShipSofa will have been going TEN years – how cool is that? Again… I’m under no illusion you made this possible – you turned my hobby into something that has given so many people a little bit of escapism in their lives and I truly thank you for that. Did I mention – ten years :0) I always want StarShipSofa and Tales and Far Fetched to be FREE – that is my no one goal…

The second thing is I want to ask you if you might be kind enough to consider our Patreon Page. This is now my way of trying to raise funds to try and keep StarShipSofa and the other two shows going. I want to keep StarShipSofa and the District of Wonders network going another ten years and ten years after that and hell… ten more after that. We have already hit the first Milestone – we keep the shows running throughout 2016 – that in itself is totally amazing.

So I really hope you can help… it doesn’t have to be much… you can do as little as $1 a month to as much as $30 a month. A little monthly donation just means the shows ticks over and we can just focus on bringing great free science fiction, horror and fantasy to you each and every week. Always :0)

Please make 2016 the year we hit our goals and give something back to all those writers who donated their stories over these ten years.

And… if you did pop over to our Patreon page – you get to see all of us! Warts and all! There’s a few now who help run the network and it’s down to me to make sure the wolves stay away fro the Network’s door :0)

Again…. no word of a lie… if it wasn’t for you – honestly I wouldn’t be here asking to last another ten years… :0) So again… thank you thank you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

As ever,


PS… please by all means if I’m the last person you want in your inbox… I won’t be offended if you unsubscribe. Gutted but not offended :0)

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